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A footbridge was built by the cabin owners to span Strawberry Creek giving access to the cabins on the other side of the creek.

In recent years a fallen, rotting, log used as a bridge across Cody Creek was replaced with a cabin owner built footbridge and a trail repaired to complete “the loop” for the hikers and walkers. This two-mile hike is extremely popular not only with Sciots Tract cabin owners but everyone in the area.

All of the roads in the tract were built and are maintained by the cabin owners. They are in excellent condition and are watched carefully to avoid erosion.

Sciots Tract also has a picnic area with benches and a playground near the clubhouse for the young children. There is playground equipment, a rest room with flush toilets and an approved septic system. There is a fire ring for approved debris burning, barbecues, weenie roasts and other outdoor activities. Many people outside of Sciots Tract attend the 4th of July picnic celebration held in the picnic area. The tract supplies the hot dogs, hamburgers and all the fixings. Cabin owners provide salads, casseroles and wonderful desserts. There are games for the children, horseshoes and lots of fun enjoyed by all ages. It is an “All American” celebration.

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