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In the past the clubhouse at Sciots Tract had a small store but now it has been converted to an ice cream store. During the summer the cabin owners sign up to scoop ice cream from 6:00 p.m. to 9:00 p.m. on Saturday evenings. We are not sure what is enjoyed the most – the eating of an old fashion ice cream cone or the scooping like an old fashion soda jerk. The deck of the clubhouse is full of people enjoying the mountains, ice cream and each other until dark each Saturday evening.

Other activities at Sciots Tract include a cabin tour. Each year we tour 4-5 cabins. This not only lets the cabin owners show off their cabins, but it is a great opportunity to get together and get ideas that might make our own cabins a little more comfortable.

Also there is a Sunrise Breakfast. We meet at 5:30 A.M. take camp stoves and all the necessary food and cook breakfast on top of a mountain or in a meadow and watch the sun come up. The beauty of our area really becomes apparent when you see it early in the morning.

Sciots Tract has a state of the art water system. The cabin owners researched and found that a slow sand filter would be the best system for our tract and after an assessment of our cabin owners had the water plant built. Our water is tested monthly and monitored daily. We have the only tract in our area that has water year-around. This makes it possible to come to our cabins in the dead of winter for a long weekend in the snow. Several cabin owners in adjoining tracts have joined our association and are provided with water year-around.

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