2020 Summer Season – Covid-19

Greetings Sciots Camp Cabin Owners,

I hope that you and your family are safe and well. On Saturday May 9, the Executive Board held a Zoom conference call to discuss the COVID-19 pandemic in relation to Camp.

The Executive Board decided unanimously to follow the State of California’s executive order and comply with our Forest Service’s special use permit by canceling all events thru July 31st (meeting notes are attached). We will asses the remainder of the season as restrictions are lifted.

Unfortunately, this means no Memorial Day Weekend Cabin Owner’s Meeting, the morning biscuit and gravy breakfast and the opening of the Ice Cream Store. The cancellation also includes the Adult and Kid’s Workday’s, the 4th of July BBQ and 20th Anniversary of the Kids Olympics and the July 18th Sierra Wildlife Rescue Meeting. The Clubhouse, Playground and Restroom will also remain closed. 

The operating budget for the 2020-2021 fiscal year will require your approval. We are still discussing how we will do this. Stay tuned for details. 

The Executive Board has decided to chlorinate and maintain the water system and open the laundry room throughout the season because we know you’ll want to check on your cabin. We’ve learned that the Forest Service will not enforce you to maintain the 30′ debris perimeter around your cabin however we know you’ll still want to. We’ll be providing a green waste only dumpster for a month beginning May 22nd. We ask that you do not over fill the dumpster above the sides and wait until it is emptied and returned. 

We will be collecting the annual Association dues of $300 to maintain the roads, utilities, insurance and water system. This will also allow the Association to continue to collect reserve funds to build a new water chlorination and monitoring system facility at the water plant.

In closing, these are unprecedented times and we hope you understand that the decisions the Executive Board made were not easy and we cannot wait until we can enjoy each others company again.