Green Waste Dumpster

As the secretary:

Have you ever wondered what happens to the items that are put in the green waste dumpster that are NOT green waste? They must be removed prior to the dumpster being hauled away. This means someone must get into the dumpster, pull the items out and haul them away themselves. This has occurred multiple times. If you’re the cabin owner and someone is using your cabin, it’s your responsibility to inform your quest to what is happening in camp. The picture below it what was removed this time. Please be respectful to others in camp and only put green waste in the green waste dumpster. 

As the cabin owner that had to remove the items and haul them out of camp in my car:

Looking at the trash and stuff I have a good idea who the person(s) are that used the green waste dumpster for their trash. I won’t blame anyone, but I’m not so happy handling others trash.